The aim of InSoMe is to bring together people with special needs – especially those with intellectual disabilities (ID) – and students. Students and people with a need for support will work together to identify specific challenges in using social media platforms and work on ways to improve them. InSoMe collaborates with Special Olympics athletes, who are important role models. It will explore how people with ID can participate in Social Media and identify which channels have the lowest barriers to participation for people with ID. InSoMe is designed to be solution-oriented and can produce fundamental innovations and revolutionary technical achievements.


Elke Langbein (, Research Associate, Chair of Sport and Health Didactics, Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences.

Dr. Daniela Schwarz (, Research Associate, Chair of Sports and Health Didactics, Faculty of Sports and Health Sciences.

What results can you expect from this project?

  • In a co-design and co-production process, students work together with people with ID on recommendations for action and solution strategies in dealing with social media.
  • Best practice examples for the universal use of digital devices and social media platforms are collected.
  • The project aims to create a space for innovation and social entrepreneurship to develop innovative supporting products here.
  • Together with civil society, business and politics, various events are offered that seek to make the topic more visible in public discourse.

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