Research on Learning & Instruction in Physical Education SIG 93 is an organization with the mission to provide a forum for disseminating and critically analyzing research on learning and instruction in physical education. During the march, AERA SIG 93 hosts the webinar titled: “Editor Insights: A Panel of Physical Education Journal Editors”.

This webinar is scheduled on March 3rd at 10 am EST, 3 pm UK, and contemplates the participation of a panel of experts with question-and-answer session:

-Heather Erwin – Journal of Teaching in Physical Education

-David Kirk – Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy

-Justin Haegele – Quest and Adapted Physical Activity

-Ken Green – European Physical Education Review

-Jaimie McMullen – International Journal of Kinesiology in Higher Education

To participate you must pre-register for the session at the following link: