The International Federation of Adapted Physical Activity (IFAPA) announce a new date for the call for nominations for the IFAPA Fellows Program. The purpose of the IFAPA Fellows program is to recognize and promote outstanding accomplishments in scholarship and service by IFAPA members. Fellow status is presented to IFAPA members who have made significant and sustained contributions to scholarship (research and creative activity) and related service in the field of adapted physical activity.

IFAPA Fellows Selection Criteria:

-Current IFAPA member
-Accomplishments in adapted physical activity through professional involvement over
a period of at least five years

Nominee must also meet at least three of the following criteria:
o Service in the public or private sector within a community or educational setting
o Significant contributions to the professional literature and/or creative works
o Sustained involvement in leadership activities
o Other evidence of leadership including service to the community at large

Nomination Procedures
-Nominations are made by any current member of IFAPA
-Nomination Committee will review and evaluate the prospective fellow’s packet and
make a recommendation to the IFAPA President-Elect
-Nomination packet shall be submitted to IFAPA President-Elect Cindy Sit, Professor,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong (
-Deadline for nomination: March 31, 2023
Nomination Packet
-Nominee’s CV
-One-page (300-400-word) letter of support including a biographical sketch of the individual highlighting major accomplishments in the field of Adapted Physical Activity (listed within the four categories of criteria of qualification as above)

IFAPA Fellows Recognition
-An award certificate shall be presented to each recipient inducted into the Fellow Program
-A list of new fellows shall be published in the IFAPA newsletter and on the IFAPA website and social media
-Each recipient will have a 100-word summary of his/her accomplishments

-Recognition ceremony to officially induct the Fellow(s) will take place at the 24 th International Symposium for Adapted Physical Activity (ISAPA) in Dunedin, New Zealand, June 26-29, 2023

List of IFAPA Fellows
IFAPA Fellows 2010- Gudron Doll-Tepper, Claudine Sherrill, Karen DePauw, Gregory Reid
IFAPA Fellows 2011 – Martin E. Block, Mariusz B. Damentk, Lena Fung, Donna L. Goodwin,
Yeshayahu “Shayke” Hutzler, E. Michael Loovis, David L. Porretta, Pauli O. Rintala, Glenn M.
Roswal, Clermont Simard, Dale A. Ulrich
IFAPA Fellows 2013 – Cindy Sit
IFAPA Fellows 2015 – Michelle Grenier, Lauren Lieberman, Laurie Malone
IFAPA Fellows 2017 – No recipient
IFAPA Fellows 2019 – Claire Boursier, Ogu Okey Charles, Maria Dinold, Aija Klavina, Martin
Kudlacek, Yan Lu, Natalia Morgulec-Adamowicz, Dilara Ozer, Jurate Pozeriene, Diana
IFAPA Fellows 2021 – Vivien Temple, Iva Obrusnikova, Aija Saari, Tarja Javanainen-Levonen,
John Foley, Deborah Shapiro