The 17th Symposium of Adapted Physical Activities–SESC in São Carlos-SP/Brazil, organized by Paulo Henrique Verardi, was held May 14 to 17, 2014. There were seven short courses on programming with national and international (Australia, Italy, and Turkey) teachers, workshops, as well as research reports and conversations with athletes with disabilities.

The event had the presence of Peter d owns (Australia), with the course Inclusive and Adapted Sports for People with Disabilities, bringing structures for inclusion from the sport, as well as practical activities with preparation of adaptations of activities for people with disabilities.

Dilara Özer (Turkey), president of the Association of Adapted Physical Activity in Turkey, offered the course Body Practices for People with Disabilities, with introduction of the Sherbone developmental movement method (SDM). It was an interesting course, providing participants with many kinds of body experiences.

During this event, Marli Nabeiro, president of the Association of Adapted Motor Activity (SOBAMA), with the presence of members, proposed to organize the IX Brazilian Congress of Adapted Motor Activity (CBAMA) October 23 to 25, 2014, with the theme 20 years of SOBAMA: Prospects and Challenges in Adapted Motor Activity. We wish you can take part in this congress.