Activity Alliance is a national charity and the leading voice for people with disabilities in sports and activities based in the United Kingdom. To support leaders in the leisure sector to strengthen their inclusion work and engage more disabled people, a series of resources to assist in tackling inequalities was released in an open access format. Ten factsheets provide clear and simple guidance and top tips on how the leisure workforce can embed better inclusive practices within facilities and programs. These resources cover a range of top topics from developing inclusive strategies to workforce development and measuring impact. This includes leisure center and gym managers, facility management teams, marketing specialists, and many others.

The resources are oriented for organizations and their workforce to understand and remove barriers that disabled people face daily. The implementation of the ideas from the factsheets will help more disabled people know their local leisure facilities are accessible, inclusive, and welcoming places to be active in. Ten areas for inclusion improvements are considered for these resources with free download:

Strategy; Leadership; Workforce development; Accessible venues; Policies and procedures; Equipment; Insight and marketing; Partnerships and engagement; Programming and participation; Impact and outcomes.

To access these resources visit the following page:

Coach in a wheelchair with a user of a rowing exercise machine