Following the recent announcement from Mooven to act as a solution to provide training for the use of its platform for remote physical activity instruction, the schedule for training has been announced.

Claire Boursier, PhD is a Past President of IFAPA and is the lead development office for VisioMoov teacher training.

Mooven is a resource center combining expertise, innovation, and research on APA. We offer digital services and human accompaniment through VisioMoov© allowing everyone benefit from a personalized online and live program of sport and physical activity adapted to their living context, health, in the scope of evidence based non medicated interventions. In order to reach as many persons as possible, we need to increase the number of qualified VivioMoov© trainers all over the world. Mooven proposes a teacher training for professionals and teachers in APA to join our network of VisoMoov© teachers who train APA coaches and practitioners to become VisioMoov© coaches. The international teacher training session will be in English first, and can also be provided in French (different sessions later). This VisoMoov© teachers training is supported by the international federation on APA (IFAPA) and the UNESCO Chair “Transforming the lives of people with disabilities through PE, Sport, Fitness and Recreation”.

See the leaflet presenting the first VisoMoov© teacher training starting the first week of June and fell free to contact us if you have any question or if you wish to join at the following email address: