The newsletter should have been sent out to all existing members on Christmas day (25th December 2019), but there were some technical problems. These should now have been resolved and the newsletter will be sent out today in batches. If you are a member and have not received the newsletter, please contact us.

To ensure that you received the newsletter, make sure you have a current membership of IFAPA. All people who attended the ISAPA 2019 at Charlottesville, Virginia have a current membership. All people who have joined since the 2019 ISAPA are also current members. The validity of the membership is until the 2021 ISAPA.

Here is a reminder of the benefits for IFAPA membership

  • Reduced rates for the forthcoming International Symposium of Adapted Physical Activity (ISAPA 2021), Jyvaskyla, Finland.
  • Discount for printed subscription to the Official Journal of IFAPA – Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly.
  • Possible reduced rates for regional APA conferences. Contact your regional representative for more details.
  • Right to vote at the General Assembly.
  • Direct access through email for the latest IFAPA newsletter.

Also, being a member allows you to be part of the community that supports the development of Adapted Physical Activity.