Here is a summary of @IFAPAnet activity in 2019

  • The main event of 2019 was the International Symposium of Adapted Physical Activity, ISAPA 2019. Hosted by Past President Professor Martin Block, attendees visited the University of Virginia for a week with a chance to learn and network. Videos of the keynotes are available and we started a youtube channel. In addition, a practitioners workshop ran in parallel.
  • 10 new IFAPA fellows were recognised at the ISAPA 2019
  • There have been 30,381 visits to the website for 2019 (data collected 29th December 2019)
  • For 2019, there were 171 posts onto the IFAPA website with the announcements of NAFAPA 2020 and ISAPA 2021 attracting the most amount of visits.
  • We grown from 347 at the beginning of 2019 to currently 452 followers on Facebook
  • The post with the largest reach a reach of 1857 people is the post on the American Psychology Association Div 47 webinar (despite few ‘likes’)

I hope that this continues and it is with your help and contributions that there is continued growth and social media presence for 2020 and beyond.

Kwok Ng, PhD
IFAPA communications