Beitostølen Healthsports Center’s celebrates 50 years anniversary with a symposium

The website is now open

The symposium will consists of two, possible overlapping parts: The traditionally Norwegian «Adapted Physical Activity (APA) seminar», and the international symposium CAPA 2020 (“Capturing the Magic, Participation for all”).

The APA seminar, arranged in cooperation with the Norwegian School of Sport Science, in Norwegian, will be held on Wednesday 10th of June, and the participants may also attend the first day of the CAPA 2020 symposium, Thursday 11th of June.


Thursday June 11th:

Lectures from the Keynote Speakers, and parallel sessions with short papers.

In the evening we will bring you further into the mountains for an «adapted hiking and welcome dinner». Remember to bring shoes and clothes for a spectacular evening in the Norwegian mountains, 1100 masl.

Friday June 12th:

More lectures from the Keynote speakers, workshops, and time at Beitostølen Healthsports Center experiencing the rehabilitation activities that take place at the Center.

In the evening; Networking Dinner and Celebration.

Saturday June 13th:

Keynote speakers, workshops and parallel sessions with short papers.


Reidun Jahnsen;

Tor Erik Nyquist;