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9          Build a Noodle House in Your Pool

by Susan J. Grosse

Feature Articles

11        An Examination of Sprint Times Among Para Athletes with Running-Specific Prostheses

by Shanna A. Barrow, Jeremy J. Foreman, and Joshua R. Pate

17        Understanding the Importance of Using Sport to Teach Social Skills in Students with Visual Impairment

by Ogu Okey Charles

20        Zero-Fear Strategies for Teaching Adapted Dance Fitness

by Heather Katz, Laura A. Prieto, Benazir Meera, Yulissa Arescurenaga, and Luis Columna

27        Beliefs and Attitudes of Turkish Physical Educators Toward Teaching Students with Disabilities in Inclusive Physical Education Classes

by Erkan Yarimkaya and Terry L. Rizzo

37        Sailing as Therapy: Adapted Sailing on Children with Disabilities

by Makayla L. Clarke, Emily D. Clapham, and Minsuk Shim

44        NCPEID Feature Article: Utilization of Physical Activity in School-Based Settings for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

by Kathryn N. Oriel, Tanner Reed, Rachel Saufley, Erin Wetzel, and Courtney Wilt

50        Adapted Physical Education Advocacy and the Role of the NCPEID

by Cindy K. Piletic, Ann-Catherine Sullivan, and Suzanna Rocco Dillon


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