Table of Contents for Palaestra Volume 35 Issue 2

6          Dr. Claudine Sherrill Memorial

National Scene

8          Feet Meets through Virginia Special Olympics

by Val Reinford

Feature Articles

10        Review of Select Studies Supporting the Use of Martial Arts with Children  with Autism Spectrum Disorder, by Michelle Liu

15        Adaptation Problems of Teachers and Students With Disabilities in the University Pedagogical Process in Russia, by Sergey T. Kokhan, Elena V. Romanova, Alexander V. Skaliy, Vitold A. Kowalski, Svetlana Y. Taneva, and Luiza V. Nadeina

24        Social-Emotional Effects of One Session of Drumtastic Ability Beats for Campers with Cognitive Development Disorders, by Lyn Litchke and Paige Hutson

33        The Impact of Three Instructional Conditions on Overhand Throwing Performance for Boys with Autism Spectrum Disorder, by David Adams, Lisa Silliman-French, and Diane Myers

44        A University-Based Exercise Program for Postsecondary Transition Students with Disabilities, by Jihyun Lee, Trenton H. Stewart, and Erin A. Siebert

49        NCPEID FEATURE ARTICL–Assessment Practices in Adapted Physical Education, by Melissa Bittner, Elizabeth Foster, and Barry Lavay

55        Sport Performance Measures in Youth Wheelchair Basketball Athletes, by Ryan T. Conners, Kathryn L. Rodebaugh, Ally Bosheers, Brandon Kane, David Kyle, Jessica Light, Madison C. Quick, and Paul N. Whitehead

62        Resources

63        Information for Authors

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