Palaestra volume 36 Issue 2 is now available

Table of contents

4      Editor’s Corner




Feature Articles

5      “I Think She’s Found Her Groove”: Evaluating A Young Girl’s Involvement in an Inclusive Physical Activity Program
by Nicole J. Luymes (nee Reinders), Pamela J. Bryden, and Paula C. Fletcher


14    NCPEID Feature Article–The National Consortium for Physical Education for Individuals with Disabilities: Strengths and Concerns
by Melissa Bittner, Amanda Young, Scott McNamara, Ben Miedema, and Tiffany Bowers


21    The Impact of Participation in Multiple Surf Therapy Events for Children with Unique Needs
by Lise Poissant and Karina Cristea


30    Adaptive Sport Participation: A Winning Formula for Parents and Their Children
by Matt Martin and Tan Leng Goh


36    Adapted Dance and Individuals With Down Syndrome: A Phenomenological Approach
by Rachel Swinford and Kyra Noerr


42    A University-Based VA Adaptive Sport Camp: Perceived Program Quality and Need Satisfaction Among Military Veterans with Disabilities
by Young Suk Oh, Margaret Domka, Dr. Skye G. Arthur-Banning, and Dr. Barry A. Garst


50    Evaluation of Wheelchair Sports Coaching Traits and Practices to Promote Well-Being
by Gabrielle Axtell, Amy Campbell, and Julia VanderMolen


58    Bits and Pieces

61    Resources

63    Information for Authors