The Centre for Top Sports Research (SenTIF), Department of Neuromedicine and Movement Science (INB) at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology released a new vacancy for a PhD candidate.

The position is linked to the Para Sports Project at SenTIF and focuses on the development of new knowledge to further the understanding of training and competition demands in prioritized para-sports. This specific project combines in-laboratory physiological and biomechanical measurements with the use of sensor technology during competition and training in the field to understand the underlying factors that form the basis for performance development in para-athletes in prioritized sports. In addition, the project will assess current training and recovery routines and their connection with performance development.

It is expected that the successful candidate will interact well with the top sports community and contribute to user-focussed dialogues that support Norwegian athletes in achieving higher training quality and optimizing their competition preparations and implementation.

The employment period is four years, with 25% compulsory work related to the user-focussed dissemination of the research back to the sport.

The interested applicants must present the following characteristics:

  • It is desirable that applicants master either Norwegian, Swedish, or Danish both in writing and orally, or alternatively, are willing to learn this within the first 12-18 months of the candidacy.
  • The successful candidate must be strongly motivated for doctoral work.
  • It is desirable that the successful candidate possesses a strong knowledge base of, and interest in the overall development process of Para athletes, including physical and technical development.
  • Knowledge of Para-sport through one’s own coaching and/or athlete career will be seen as a strength.
  • Relevant experience from the research will count positively.

It is further desirable that you have:

  • Experience with basic programming.
  • Experience with collecting physiological and/or biomechanical data in a lab-based setting.
  • Experience with collecting and analyzing data using sensor technology (GPS, IMU).
  • Experience with working in sports in an applied setting.

Application deadline: 20.08.2022

To access these resources visit the following page:

PhD Opportunity at the Centre for Elite Sports Research (SenTIF)