The first edition of the Routledge Handbook of the Olympic and Paralympic Games is now available and published in 2021.  Edited by Dikaia Chatziefstathiou, Borja García, & Benoit Séguin

IFAPA President David Legg and other researchers have had important contributions to the book. Below are the Table of Contents.

Table of Contents


Part I: Athletes’ Issues in Olympic and Paralympic Games       

Edited by Dikaia Chatziefstathiou

  1. Dual Career: Balancing success in sport and life

    Lucinda Howland, Achilleas Papadimitriou, Vasilis Minoudis and Philip Hurst

  1. Athletes and CAS: Protecting athletes’ rights

    Gregory Ioannidis

  1. Disability, Classification and the Paralympics: Inclusion and exclusion of elite athletes with disabilities

Jan Burns

  1. Women: Rules and classifications in the Olympics and Paralympics

    Kath Woodward                                                                                                     

  1. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Athletes in the Olympic and Paralympic Games: Human rights, unfair advantage and exclusion

      Caroline Symons and Ryan Storr

  1. Sport and Nationality at the Olympic and Paralympic Games: Flags of convenience?

    Steve Greenfield and Guy Osborn

Part II: Olympic and Paralympic Business

Edited by Benoit Seguin

  1. Olympic Values: Sponsorship, values and integrity in sport creating a paradigm shift

     Richard W. Pound

  1. Paralympic Brand Governance: The best of both worlds?

     Simon Gérard

  1. Sponsoring the Paralympic Games and Breaking Barriers

     David Legg

  1. Olympic Broadcast Rights

       Lisa Delpy Neirotti

  1. Activation of Olympic and Paralympic Sponsorship

      Stéphan Fuchs and Guillaume Bodet

  1. Legal Aspects of the Olympics and Ambush Marketing

      John Grady

  1. The Evolving #Rule40 of the Olympic Charter: Balancing the interest of sponsors vs athletes

       Gashaw Abeza

  1. Towards a Shared Olympic Responsibility: Paradoxes and Challenges

       Aurélien François, Alain Ferrand and Emmanuel Bayle

  1. Esports in the Olympic and Paralympic Games: The business case for integration

       Andy Miah and Alex Fenton

  1. Organizing the Olympic Games

      Milena M. Parent

  1. Referendums at Olympic Games

Holger Preuß, Anja Scheu and Maike Weitzmann

Part III: The Governance of the Olympic and Paralympic Games

Edited by Borja García

 18. The Composition of the IOC: Origins and key turning points in the governance of the   Olympic movement

      Jörg Krieger and Stefan Wassong 

  1. Changing Parasport Landscape and The Evolution of the International Paralympic Committee Governance

      Laura Misener and Landy Di Lu 

  1. Organisational Change Campaigns of the Olympic Movement: Insights from structural and cultural adaptations

      Eleni Theodoraki

  1. Sleeping with an Elephant: The relationship between the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee

     P. David Howe

  1. The Autonomy of the Olympic and Sport Movement

       Arnout Geeraert

  1. Political Autonomy and Control of National Olympic Committees

       Henk Erik Meier

  1. The Changing Attitude of the IOC and the IPC Towards WADA and the Governance of Anti-Doping

       Stacie Gray

25. Board Renewal and Good Governance in the Olympic Movement

       Leigh Robinson and Tracy Taylor

  1. The Relationship Between the IOC and International Sport Federations

       Jinsu Byun and Becca Leopkey

 27. The Governance of the Court of Arbitration for Sport

       Jean-Loup Chappelet

Part IV: Socio-cultural and Political Issues of the Olympic and Paralympic Games

Edited by Dikaia Chatziefstathiou

  1. Theory and Research in Scholarship around the Paralympic Games

       Ian Brittain

  1. Olympic and Paralympic Games and Human Rights

       Bruce Kidd

  1. Sport for Development and Peace: Convergence and divergence with the Olympic movement

       Simon Darnell and Rob Millington

  1. Home Advantage in the Olympic and Paralympic Games

      Girish Ramchandani, Darryl Wilson and Chris Gratton

  1. Debating the Future of Olympic and Paralympic Legacy

      Vassil Girginov

  1. Can Health-Related Legacies through Physical Activity and Sport be Delivered by the Olympic and Paralympic Games?

       Mike Weed

  1. Olympic and Paralympic Impacts in Non-Host City Regions

       Shushu Chen and Dongfeng Liu

  1. Legacies Beyond the Olympic Games: The case of two Youth Olympic Games

       Ran Zhou and Kyriaki Kaplanidou

  1. Arts and Culture in the Olympic and Paralympic Games

      Beatriz Garcia

  1. Olympic and Paralympic Games Education Programmes: Education as engagement from a practitioner’s view

      Nick Fuller and Heather Barr

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