Dr. Stamatis Agiovlasitis of Mississippi State University is seeking to recruit 2 students for pursuing a Ph.D. degree with an assistantship under his mentoring. He is looking for motivated students with good research, writing, and communication skills.

The 2 positions are for students with research interests in the area of Physical Activity and Health in Individuals with Down Syndrome and Intellectual Disability Across the Lifespan.
Both positions include tuition waiver and stipend.
Here is some additional information about the 2 positions:
1. Doctoral Research Assistant
a. This student will direct an NIH-funded project on Physical Activity Measurement in Adults with Down Syndrome
b. The student is not required to teach classes
c. Starting date: Fall 2020
2. Doctoral Teaching Assistant
a. This student will teach classes in Kinesiology
b. Starting date: Fall 2020
Interested students may contact Dr. Agiovlasitis directly at: sa609@mastate.edu
Students may attach a description (no more than 1 page) of their research interests and their
Information about Dr. Agiovlasitis can be found here:
Information about the PhD program Kinesiology at Mississippi State University can be found here: https://www.kinesiology.msstate.edu/graduate/