A totally sport scientific event; “The importance of Science in the Development of Paralympic Sports in West Asia”

In the presence of Dr. Abdel Razzaq Bani Irsheid, President of the Federation and Secretary-General of the Federation Dr. Misbah Jaafar, the “West Asia Para Federation” has held a scientific symposium entitled “The Importance of Science in the Development of Paralympic Sports in West Asia” on Wednesday 27/04/2022

The sessions were moderated by Prof. Dr. Hussein Abu Al-Ruz, President of the Jordanian Paralympic Committee and Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the West Asia Para Federation. Prof. Dr. Omar Hindawi, President of the Middle East Federation of Adapted Physical Activity, spoke about the scientific publication of studies and scientific research related to Paralympic sports. Dr. Nawaf Al-Ghassab, a member of the Kuwaiti Paralympic Committee, spoke about scientific research in the fields of Paralympic sports (challenges and obstacles). Prof. Ahmed Al-Ani, a member of the Iraqi Paralympic Committee, spoke about the use of tests and standards in the field of scientific research in Paralympic sports. Dr. Mansoor Al-Tauqi, Chairman of the Omani Paralympic Committee, talked about the research Scientific Paralympic sports in the Arab world and the gap between theory and practice.

Conclusively, the scientific sessions have presented a set of suggestions and recommendations from the speakers and participants that serve the cause and mission of the Paralympic sports in the West Asian region.