IDEAL- Intellectual Disability and Equal opportunities for Active and Long-term participation in sport

Tuesday 25 September

IDEAL Pacing and Coaching Symposium – How to optimize your training and how to optimize performance of athletes with intellectual disabilities (ID), based on the latest scientific evidence?

For Who?

For anyone interested in sports and/or people with intellectual disabilities –for coaches, trainers, and/or caregivers of athletes with disabilities –for researchers or sport-scientists working in the field of sport expertise and cognition – for clinical psychologists working with people with ID.


 To identify common factors underlying sports participation in people with ID: focus on motivation, self-regulation, self-determination and pacing.
 To provide the start of the art regarding the relation between cognition and pacing across sports.
 To translate the current evidence on ID-sport performance and participation towards practical applications for coaches working with athletes with ID.
 Bring researchers from various disciplines together in a multidisciplinary symposium discussing relevant topics regarding sport for ID-athletes.
 Provide coaches with practical tools and novel insights to optimize participation and performance of their athletes.
 To provide sport psychologists practical information and ideas to optimize their work and support for ID athletes in clinical interventions.


9.00-9.30: Welcome
9.30-10.15: Introduction Lecture Dr. Debbie van Biesen (KU Leuven) & Dr. Florentina Hettinga (University of Essex) (topic: common factors underlying performance and participation in people with ID)
10.15-11.00: Professor Jan Burns (INAS, Head of Eligibility): Coaching of IDathletes
11.00-11.30: Coffee break
11.30-12.15: Professor Alan St Clair Gibson (University of Essex): Pacing & Teleo-anticipation and Cognition
12.15-12.35: Professor Dominic Micklewright(University of Essex): Talent Development and Cognition in Pacing
12.35-13.00: Dr. Ingi Þór Einarsson (Reykjavik University): Coaching of ID athletes
13.00-14.00: Lunch
14.00-14.45: Professor AndrewEdwards (Canterbury Christ Church University): Brain regulation of pacing
15.30-16.15: Dr. Paul Freeman (University of Essex): How to support your athletes?
16.15-18.00: Closing reception