Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly

Volume 35 Number 4 October 2018

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The Effect of Prior Tennis Experience on Wheelchair Tennis Players’ Visual Search
Melissa Hunfalvay and Nicholas Murray
Physical Activity for Disabled Youth: Hidden Parental Labor
Donna L. Goodwin and Amanda Ebert
Parents’ Beliefs About Physical Activity for Their Children With Visual Impairments
Luis Columna, Denzil A. Streete, Samuel R. Hodge, Suzanna Rocco Dillon, Beth Myers, Michael L. Norris, Tiago V. Barreira, and Kevin S. Heffernan
Meta-Analysis of Physical Activity Levels in Youth With and Without Disabilities
Jaehun Jung, Willie Leung, Bridgette Marie Schram, and Joonkoo Yun
FAST Club: The Impact of a Physical Activity Intervention on Executive Function in Children With Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Alison B. Pritchard Orr, Kathy Keiver, Chris P. Bertram, and Sterling Clarren
Acute Cardiometabolic Responses to Three Modes of Treadmill Exercise in Older Adults With Parkinson’s Disease
Brandon R. Rigby, Ronald W. Davis, Marco A. Avalos, Nicholas A. Levine, Kevin A. Becker, and David L. Nichols


Physical Activity Promotion for Persons Experiencing Disability: The Importance of Interdisciplinary Research and Practice
Stamatis Agiovlasitis, Joonkoo Yun, Jooyeon Jin, Jeffrey A. McCubbin, and Robert W. Motl
Adapted Physical Activity Professionals in Rehabilitation: An Explorative Study in the Norwegian Context
Øyvind F. Standal, Tor Erik H. Nyquist, and Hanne H. Mong


Characteristics of Adults With Neurologic Disability Recruited for Exercise Trials: A Secondary Analysis
Byron Lai, Katie Cederberg, Kerri A. Vanderbom, C. Scott Bickel, James H. Rimmer, and Robert W. Motl


Developmental and Adapted Physical Activity Assessment, 2nd Edition
Melissa Bittner


ZáNean McClain, Daniel W. Tindall, and E. Andrew Pitchford