The International Federation of Adapted Physical Activity is proud to announce a call for nominations for two prestigious awards. Since 1991, IFAPA has been given the Elly D. Friedmann Award for Outstanding Adapted Physical Activity Contributions and beginning in 1993, IFAPA has given the Young Professional Award in Adapted Physical Activity.

Please see the eligibility criteria and lists of previous winners below. These awards will be presented at the 24th International Symposium for Adapted Physical Activity (ISAPA) in Dunedin, New Zealand, June 26 – 30, 2023. Please submit nominations no later than March 17, 2023, to IFAPA President Elect, Professor Cindy Sit, Chinese University of Hong Kong, via email at The nomination packet should include the nominee’s CV and a one-page (300-400-word) letter of support including a biographical sketch of the individual highlighting major accomplishments in the field of Adapted Physical Activity.

The Elly D. Friedmann Award for Outstanding Adapted Physical Activity Contribution

The Elly D. Friedmann Award for Outstanding Adapted Physical Activity Contributions was established in 1989 by Dr. Gudrun Doll-Tepper, Professor, Free University Berlin, in memory of her close friend and colleague, Dr. Elly D. Friedmann, Founder and Director of the State Teachers College of Physical Education at Beer-Sheva, Israel, and pioneer in Adapted Physical Activity. This award recognizes longstanding leadership in the field of Adapted Physical Activity.

Previous recipients include:

1991    Dr. Claudine Sherrill, USA.

1993    Dr. Ernst J. Kiphard, Germany.

1995    Inge Morisbak, Norway.

1997    Dr. Julian U. Stein, USA.

1999    Dr. Atara Sherman, Israel.

2001    Dr. Kurt-Alphons Jochheim, Germany.

2003    Dr. Kyonsuke Yabe & Dr Yang Ja Hong, Japan and Korea.

2005    Josef Lev, Israel.

2007    Dr.  Herman Van Coppenolle, Belgium.

2009    Dr. Hana Valkova, Czech Republic.

2011    Dr. Hideo Nakata, Japan.

2013     Dr. Karen DePauw, USA.

2015     Dr. Greg Reid, Canada.

2017      Dr. Yeshayahu Hutzler, Israel.

2019      Dr. Pauli Rintala, Finland.

2021      Dr. Martin Kudlaeck, Czech Republic.

The Young Professional Award in Adapted Physical Activity

This award recognizes the development of “passionate enthusiasm and inspiration” in young adapted physical activity professionals. It was initiated by Dr. Claudine Sherrill, with the help of Dr. Karen DePauw and Dr. Gudrun Doll-Tepper in 1993. The goal of the award is to encourage, recognize, and support young professionals interested in Adapted Physical Activity. Eligibility for the Young Professional Award is restricted to professionals less than 40 years of age. One Young Professional Award is made by IFAPA and a second one is by the local organizing committee of the Symposium.

Previous recipients include:

1993     Harold von Selzam & Kazumi Tsukagoshi, Germany, Japan.

1995     Pilvikki Heikinaro-Johansson & Heidi Anne Peterson, Finland, Norway.

1997     Lauren Lieberman & Pascale Poirier, USA, Canada.

1999     Deena Scoretz & Anna Fillat, Canada, Spain.

2001     Andrea Scherney & Christoph Lienert, Austria, USA/Germany

2003     Lisa Silliman-French & Kwang-Jin Oh, USA, South Korea.

2005     Peter Van de Vliet & Stefano Frassinelli, Belgium, Italy.

2007     Simon Driver & Jose Angelo Barela, USA, Brazil.

2009     Cindy H.P. Sit, Hong Kong.

2011     Aija Klavina; Steffi de Jong & Pierre Bataille; Latvia, Netherlands, France.

2013     Bartosz Molik & Mehmet Ata Ozturk/Aysen Cevik, Poland, Turkey.

2015     Meghann Lloyd & Sharon Barak, Canada, Israel.

2017      Justin Haegele & Kwok Ng, USA, Finland.

2019      Chunxiao Li & Andy Colombo-Dougovito, Singapore, USA.

2021      Jane Jie Yu & Wesley Wilson & Niko/Heidi Leppa, China, USA, Finland.