Cerebral Palsy and Sport Awareness Workshops 2019

Cerebral Palsy and Sport Awareness Workshop will provide knowledge and understanding of what Cerebral Palsy is, the opportunities within disability sport and given guidance and advice to those who lead sport and physical activity.


Wed, 27th March 2019 – 18:00



United Kingdom

This course will cover:

  • What is cerebral palsy?
  • What are the barriers for people with cerebral palsy when accessing sport?
  • Adapting sport to suit those with cerebral palsy
  • Safety considerations when supporting people with cerebral palsy in sport
  • How to promote sport to people with cerebral palsy
  • Different pathways and opportunities available with CP Sport


27 March 2019 6pm-9pm

20 November 12pm-3pm


£30 per person

VenuesCerebral Palsy Sport, Unit 21, Heathcoat Building, Science and Technology Park, University Boulevard, Nottingham, NG7 2QJ

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