**Calling Student Volunteers for #isapa2019

Students who volunteer throughout ISAPA 2019 are eligible to receive free housing and a $100 reimbursement on their registration fees.

  • 10-12 graduate students studying APA to serve as volunteers during ISAPA 2019
  • Arrival 12th June or early morning 13th June for training on 13th June
  • Work at least four hours per day most days of the symposium
  • Pay $150 then get $100 reimbursed, so the fee becomes only $50 (this is to cover the 2 year membership for IFAPA)
  • Get housing in university dormitory, ISAPA t-shirts, and most meals
  • Volunteers are responsible for their own transport to and from Charlottesville.

There are a number of documents to complete and ALL must be completed and sent back as a zip file to Dr Martin Block, Coordinator of ISAPA 2019 at meb7u@virginia.edu

  1. A filled out CV
  2. A motivation letter (500 word limit)
  3. A signed reference letter
  4. A receipt that shows you have paid the application fee ($150) with your surname and name on it.

See specific details on volunteering.