Postponement announcement

In response to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic, CPISRA, Disability Sports Australia, the Cerebral Palsy Foundation and our conference partners at the University of Sydney have made the difficult decision to postpone the inaugural CPISRA International Conference. The global containment of COVID-19 and the health and well-being of our communities is paramount, and this decision has had to be made due to tightening measures in Australia and internationally.

The new dates for the inaugural CPISRA International Conference are Friday 10th December 2021 to Sunday 12th December 2021, with a welcome event on Thursday 9th December. We have temporarily paused abstract submissions and early bird registrations and they will reopen in December 2020. We are thrilled that our keynote speaker, Dr Ed Hurvitz, will still join us in 2021.

2021 CPISRA Conference

Originally posted on 2nd April 2020


The call for evidence for actions is ever increasing, and as the awareness of disability sport is growing, so is the need for knowledge exchange. Cerebral palsy (CP) affects approximately 17 million people worldwide and it is estimated that over 40 million people sustain an acquired brain injury (ABI) each year. No two people with cerebral palsy or an ABI will be affected in exactly the same way.

There is a need to provide a space for knowledge exchange and learning between researchers and practitioners in the field of sport and recreation for cerebral palsy and related conditions. At the grassroots end of disability sport and recreation, more parents, therapists and individuals are taking a larger interest in participation as the benefits of physical activity on all aspects of well-being are becoming more widely known. Equally, at the competitive and elite end of cerebral palsy sport, research into coaching, evidence-based classification and psychological effects of sport is all being explored.


The CPISRA International Conference on Physical Activity and Health for People with Cerebral Palsy and Acquired Brain Injury aims to provide a forum for knowledge exchange and enhance interaction between researchers, healthcare professionals, sporting experts, individuals and families in order to address the unique matters in the interdisciplinary area of adaptive physical activity and sport for individuals with cerebral palsy and acquired brain injury. This conference will be unique in linking those doing research with those who will apply the knowledge.


The 2021 CPISRA International Conference will be hosted by Disability Sports Australia.