The Football For All Leadership Programme aims to support disabled people in achieving their dreams of working within the sporting sector, encouraging change and wider awareness within sport of the important roles that disabled people can play.

19 October, 1900CET – “The Future of Disabled Football” – Terrie Ritchie (Inclusion Manager at Liverpool FC Foundation), Stuart Sharp (ENT Technical & Grassroots Director at US Soccer), David Stirton (Blind Football Project Coordinator at International Blind Sports Association), and Donal Byrne (President at the European Powerchair Football Association). Register online.

26 October, 1900CET – “How is FIFA working to make football more accessible and inclusive?” – Hala Ousta (Diversity & Accessibility Manager at FIFA). Register online.

2 November, 1800CET – “How can Inclusion be an open door for Innovation – A talk with innovators for inclusion” – Cathy Pearl (Design Manager at Google), Sarah Reinertsen (Paralympian and Athlete & Influencer Marketing Senior Manager at Nike), Miguel Neiva (Founder of Color ADD & Ashoka Fellow), and Peter & Kate Shippey (Founders of The Shippey Campaign). Register online.

16 November, 1800CET – “How are other sports promoting Inclusion” – Victoria Austin (CEO at Global Disability Innovation Hub), and Miroslaw Krogulec (Sports Director at Special Olympics Europe/Eurasia). Register online.

23 November, 1800CET – “How can we bring disabled peoples’ issues to the forefront of the conversation in sport and beyond?” – Eli Wolff (Paralympian, Director of the Power of Sport Lab, Founder of the Royce Sport and Society Fellowship at Brown University and Lecturer at University of Connecticut), and Kush Kanodia (Disability & BAME Rights Campaigner & Award Winning Social Entrepreneur. Visionary Leader of the unprecedented #NoWheelchairTax NHS Campaign). Register online.

30 November, 1800CET – “How has the Football For All Leadership Programme (FFALP) contributed to your journey – a conversation with past participants working in different fields” – Eduardo Maia (Assistant at the Health and Performance Unit at Portuguese FA and 2018 FFALP participant), Kieran Burns (Founder of the All About Ability Podcast and 2019 FFALP participant), and Thomas Hosier (Founder of INjoy Sport and 2018 FFALP participant). Register online.

Participation in the webinars is free, though the organisers would encourage any donationsto cover the operational costs associated with hosting the talks.

For further information, please visit the Integrated Dreams website.