Pacific standard @PacificStand has just published an article that followed a team of blind sailors as they train for the international blind sailing world championships.

“Bos didn’t believe in being a victim. What he wanted was not sympathy but his life back.” When Mark Bos was thrown from a car into a telephone pole, he lost his sight forever. His response? To train and compete in the blind world sailing championships. In the latest feature article from Pacific Standard, writer Benjamin Rachlin documents the story of Mark Bos and the other members of his blind sailing crew, as they prepare to compete in the international sailing race for blind athletes. Using new technology that provides auditory cues for the sailors, the team navigates quickly through choppy waters in hopes of landing a victory in one of the most extreme adapted sports in existence. Not a magic trick of performance, Bos explains, sports for blind athletes exist as a way of reclaiming agency and feeling as autonomous as they did before they were blind. This story narrates the arduous training process building up to the final global competition in Lake Michigan, as well as the personal journey of the blind sailing team as they tack, jibe, and steer their own courses toward self-empowerment and acceptance.

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