The focus of Palaestra is broad, including practical applications for teaching, coaching, and leading; implications and applications of scientific research for training and teaching; professional preparation and in-service education; assessment and classifications; relationships of basic sciences to methods and activities for individuals with disabilities; sports medicine and athletic training applied to individuals with disabilities; equipment and supplies used in these programs.

A new release of articles is available in the journal corresponding to Vol. 36 No. 3:

Special Olympics USA Games– Orlando 2022 Photo Collage

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Feature Articles

David P. Loy, Carl E. Autry, Jessica Piacenza, Nick Piacenza

Bill Mokin

Anna Ogonowska-Slodownik

Robert Lystrup, Chad Hulsopple, Jeffrey Leggit, Jeremiah “Jake” Mills, Timothy Hansen

David Adams, Melissa Bittner, Barry Lavay, Lisa Silliman-French

Cathy McKay, Jung Yeon Park, Justin Haegele

Martin Block, Diane Whaley, Moira Johnson, Joann Judge

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