Legacy of Olympic Games and Paralympic Games

Marne-la-Vallée, 17-18th June 2019

Call for abstracts

The legacy of Paralympic games

Since Barcelona (1992), Olympic and Paralympic Games (OPG) have been taking place on one spot, within a one and only organisation. At the same time the organizing team shows more and more obviously the will to make them a conveyor of inclusion. The event must especially be considered in relation to its consequences on disabled people’s sports trajectories (from “sport for everybody” to “high level sport”) and on long lasting sport participation of people with disabilities and deficiencies. But the OPG legacy is also considered in terms of accessibility (to sports facilities, transports and touristic infrastructures) and of transformation of the representation of disability in the media. What assessment can be done of the existing literature? What knowledge can be used to make mega-events a lever for a more inclusive sports world and society?


Abstract: February 28, 2019
Reviewers’ answer: March 20, 2019

The Observatory for Mega Events Research is organizing a conference on the issue of the legacy of major sporting events.
This issue is at the core of impacts evaluation of these mega-events as in their acceptability by inhabitants.
The issue is by nature multidisciplinary. Contributions from all disciplines and interdisciplinary work, where possible, will be welcome. The participants’ papers should relate to the topics

1. Environmental legacy
2. Economic legacy
3. Social legacy
4. Urban, transportation and local planning legacy
5. Sporting legacy
6. Tourist legacy
7. Cultural legacy

This conference is based on the restitution of research and round tables that bring together actors involved in the production of major sporting events and researchers of different disciplines.

Organising Committee: Cécile Collinet, Marie Delaplace, Yannick L’Horty, Benoït Segay et Pierre-Olaf Schut.

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Fee for students: 75€

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