World Wheelchair Rugby and Loughborough University invite Wheelchair Rugby athletes, team support personnel, and classifiers to participate in a study regarding the experiences and perceptions of classification processes in wheelchair rugby.

Currently, there is limited research examining the impact of classification on para-athletes and their teams. This study aims to explore the perceptions and experiences of athletes and their support personnel during classification processes in wheelchair rugby. The study aims to comprehend how classification may affect athletes and support personnel well-being, sports performance, and continued engagement in the sport. Researchers seek to identify ways to assist athletes and support personnel throughout the classification processes and in managing the outcomes.

This study is part of a PhD research project conducted at Loughborough University. Ellie-May Storr will undertake the study under the supervision of Dr. Jamie Barker, Dr. Carolyn Plateau, and Professor Vicky Tolfrey. The research is funded by The Peter Harrison Centre for Disability Sport at Loughborough University.

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