The expanded second edition of the Adaptive Sports Medicine book edited by Dr. Arthur Jason De Luigi, provides a thorough review of the unique aspects of adaptive sports medicine and the increasingly active and prominent adaptive athletes involved in local leagues and organizations but also in larger settings such as the Paralympics and Warrior Games.

The book is divided into four sections. The first section covers the history, natural course of care, policies, laws for persons with disabilities, biomechanics, and technology of wheelchair sports and adaptive sports prostheses. The second section focuses on medical considerations for adaptive athletes, including epidemiology, emergent care, surgical, and rehabilitative considerations.

The largest section, section three, discusses considerations for specific adaptive sports such as running, cycling, water sports, throwing sports, wheelchair basketball, softball, rugby, combative, and extreme sports. Section four covers selected topics including event planning, advocacy, and controversies like doping.

New chapters in this edition include approaches to concussions and sports-related considerations for specific populations such as children and adolescents, active duty military, and veterans.

Adaptive Sports Medicine 2nd Edition is a comprehensive yet practical text, serving as the go-to resource for this active population. It is an invaluable reference for sports medicine and primary medicine practitioners alike.