The National Consortium for Physical Education for Individuals with Disabilities (NCPEID) is a national organization that plays a pivotal role in influencing the direction and development of the adapted physical education/activity field. Its mission is to promote, stimulate, and encourage legislative mandates, professional preparation, advocacy, and research in physical activity, physical education, and recreation for individuals with disabilities.

NCPEID Adapted Physical Education Collaborative is an instance of insightful discussion related to the relevant topics in the field. On January 31st, Tim Davis (Associate professor of Suny Cortland) and Brad Weiner (APE coordinator of Fairfax County) are invited to have a conversation about APENS Exam and certified Adapted Physical Educator.

This is an online activity that will take place on the Zoom platform at 12pm PST; 2pm CT; 3pm EST.

Link to access this event:

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Meeting ID: 892 8996 8939