The reigns of regional representative to the board in the Oceania region has moved from Bridget Meyer to Robert Townsend.

Bridget has been an IFAPA board member since the beginning of 2020 at a time when she worked for Halberg Foundation. She has since moved positions but remains core to the IFAPA community after leading the bid to host the 2023 International Symposium of Adapted Physical Activity (ISAPA 2023). Bridget is doing a fantastic job of improving the awareness of IFAPA in the region, by hosting ISAPA. Oceania is one of two remaining regions that do not have a regional federation, and perhaps this could be something that the new regional representative may explore.

Robert Townsend accepted the role as the regional representative to the board and works closely with Bridget, as he takes on the role of head of the scientific committee for ISAPA2023. More information can be found from the Oceania page.

A big thanks to Bridget Meyer and a huge welcome to Dr Robert Townsend.