A new book on adapted physical education is available now (in Portuguese). This book was coordinated by Dr. Mey de Abreu van Munster who is the actual representative of the International Federation for Adapted Physical Activity (IFAPA) in South America. This book describes the approaches that physical education teachers have used to accommodate the special needs of students in the context of inclusive education and adapted sports, providing subsidies for making curricular adaptations aimed at maximum performance and participation.

The content of this book includes:

  1. Teaching approaches and inclusive practices in Physical Education.
  2. Individualized Teaching Plan Applied to Physical Education: indicators for Inclusion
  3. Collaborative consulting in Physical Education: suggestions and strategies for implementation
  4. Co-teaching and its implementation in Physical Education classes
  5. Peer tutoring in Physical Education classes: a program to prepare peer tutors
  6. Curricular adaptations aimed at teaching visually impaired students in Physical Education:
    suggestions and possibilities
  7. Swimming for babies with disabilities
  8. Physical Education for youth and adults with intellectual disabilities: emphasis on psychomotor aspects
  9. Physical Education and people with intellectual disabilities: focus on social skills
  10. Educational dance program for people with disabilities
  11. Wheelchair sports initiation for children with physical disabilities
  12. Wheelchair tennis: teaching strategies for sport initiation
  13. Wheelchair handball: alternatives for teaching programming in the modality
  14. The influence of riding therapy on the psychomotor development of children with special needs

To purchase this book, click here: https://www.manole.com.br/educacao-fisica-e-esportes-adaptados–1-edicao/p