Palaestra Vol 35-#1 –

Table of Contents

6          Editor’s Corner

Practical Pointer

7          Virtually Possible: Real-World Strategies for Optimizing Adapted PE Programming

by Eric Chessen

International Feature

11        Special Olympics Iran

by Sarvin Salar

Feature Articles

15        Social Skills Possessed by Students with Visual Impairment in an Integrated Physical Games and Sports Situation

by Ogu Okey Charles

21        Middle School Students’ Attitudes Toward Including Students with Disabilities in an Invasion Game Basketball Unit

by Ann-Catherine Sullivan, Donna L. Wolf, and Rebecca J. Berkowitz

28        Are Preservice Adapted Physical Education Teachers Facilitating Peer Engagement and Social Communication?

by Melissa Bittner, Belinda Daughrity, Alaine Ocampo, Barry Lavay, and Andrew Le

37        Measuring Physical Activity Levels During Instructional Settings for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

by Melissa Bittner, Ralph Rozenek, Barry Lavay, and B. Rhett Rigby

45        Graduate Program Accreditation in Adapted Physical Education in the United States: Starting a Conversation

by Chad Nichols and Martin E. Block

54        Gaining a Positive Experience with Students on the Autism Spectrum and Other Students at Risk Through Archery: An Innovative Pilot Program that Engaged Pre Service Student and Connected the University to the Local Community

by Shelly R. Klinek

58        Bits and Pieces

61        Resources

63        Information for Authors

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