The latest What’s New in Adapted Physical Education podcast features an in-depth conversation with APA scholar Dr. Kwok Ng about the newly established Para Report Cards, which serves as an instrument to document physical activity and health indicators pertaining to children and adolescents with disabilities across 14 countries, including the US, Canada, Finland, Ireland, Spain, Brazil, and South Korea. Dr. Ng is at the University of Limerick, the University of Turku, and the University of Eastern Finland. His research is largely interdisciplinary and focuses on the health promotion of children, especially those with disabilities. Within this podcast, it was discussed the need for the Para Report Cards and their development, major findings from the Para Report Cards, and future directions regarding the Para Report Cards. In addition, the discussion also touched on the potential impact of these report cards on policies and initiatives aimed at improving health and physical activity for children and adolescents with disabilities.