The University of Verona is offering a fully funded PhD opportunity titled “Investigating biomarkers and psychosocial factors in sports for people with disabilities”. This academic offer is alongside Professor Chiara Milanese in the National PhD Programme in Kinesiology and Sport Sciences of the mentioned university.

The National PhD Programme in Kinesiology and Sport Sciences has been created with the aim of making a significant and concrete contribution to the scientific growth of an area of research that, although relatively recent, is already widespread in many Italian universities. Studies connected to the multiple expressions of human movement, from its earliest development to high-level sport, have been achieving an ever-increasing educational and scientific importance in the national and international scientific scene.

The Italian context, with the critical turning point of introducing study courses in Kinesiology and creating dedicated academic positions, has progressively expanded to an increasingly larger number of locations (over 40 universities to date). The related research activities have developed as well, focusing on specific themes among the multiple areas of study related to movement and sport sciences.

For more information about applying to the PhD program, please visit the following link: