Another podcast series from ‘Whats New in Adapted Physical Education’ is available from Scott McNamara’s blog.

In a two part series on Service Learning in APE, Scott goes into conversation with Dr. Monica Lepore, a APE professor at the West Chester University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Lepore was able to travel to 8 APE practicums within the last few months, and was interviewed in the podcast to share her findings and reflect on her experience.

This podcast is part one of a two part episode. Part one focuses specifically on (a) why Dr. Lepore decided to take a sabbatical to learn more about APE practicums, (b) how each practicum was interesting and also similar to her own program, and (c) how to those in higher education can develop stronger practicum experiences for their students.

This podcast is part two of a two part episode. Part two focuses specifically on (a) the key points that make practicums successful, (b) the idea of volunteerism and how it relates to APE, and (c) we discuss the realities of housing our practicum experiences within a segregated APE setting, rather than in a more inclusive setting.

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