UNESCO Chair is part of the Global Goals Week at the Irish Pavillion at the Expo2020 Dubai from 22th-22nd January 2022. 

The theme of our programme is Sport, Human Rights and Sustainable Development and while there is limited in-person attendance, the event will be a hybrid and we unlimited capacity for you and your colleagues and networks to join us online from the comfort of your home or office.

The entire event is aligned with the Expo theme Connecting Minds, Creating the Future, through sport, this event brings together diverse stakeholders to advance global developments in line with the SDGs and the underpinning human rights agenda.

We aim to present and advance progress, with intersectional inclusion of marginalised populations at the forefront of development. Sport, physical education and physical activity are well-positioned to offer solutions at the centre of human experience in the 21st century.

Here is a snapshot of what you can expect (subject to change), and we will follow-up with further details of each event, along with registration details – note that all times are local.
Thursday 20th January 2022
10.00-11.30    A range of inclusive practical activities – join in or view demonstrations
12.00-12.30    Welcomes: Ireland at Expo, UNESCO, UNESCO Chair MTU
12.30-13.45    An Audience with David Donoghue – Former Ireland Ambassador to the United Nations & Broker of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development
13.45-15.15    Lunch
15.30-17.30    Sport for Development Measurement and Investment Session
18:30-19.55    Reception and canapes at the Irish Pavilion
20.00-22.00    Dinner in the Australian Pavilion

 Friday 21st January 2022 
12.00-12.10    Welcomes: Ireland at Expo, UNESCO, UNESCO Chair MTU
12.10- 13.00    Sport, SDGs and Human Rights- The Mandate 
14.00-15.30     KAP Action 1 Human Rights and Sport, NHRI, CSHR.
16.00-16.30     Fit For Life UNESCO Sport Flagship for Education, Health and Equality.
16.30-16.45    Sport4Impact and Kerry Recreational Sports Partnership MOU Signing
17.00-18.30    Great Sportsmanship with PR Smith,  storytelling on the power of sport in  human rights and values education. TRUST Photo Competition Award ceremony 
Saturday 22nd January
10.00-11.30    A range of inclusive practical activities – join in or view demonstrations
12.00-12.10    Welcomes Ireland, UNESCO, MTU
12.10-13.10    Sports Bodies SDG (IPC, Virtus, Special Olympics, Invictus)
13.10-14.00    Rightsholders Perspectives & WeThe15
15.00-16.30    Mobilising Higher Education Systems, Human Rights, ESD and Sport
16.45-18.00    Global Design Challenge 2022 Launch
19.00-20.00   GAA Going Well plus fun surprise activity

Musical Interludes incorporating Fionnathan and Traditional Irish Musicians 
The UNESCO Chair team.