Free inclusive martial arts webinars that the UNESCO Chair is running in partnership with UNESCO’s International Centre of Martial Arts for Youth Development and Engagement in South Korea.

The hosts – UNESCO Chair have tried to cover as many perspectives as possible with panellists representing a range of martial arts, with various disabilities, female martial artists, academics working in the field of disability inclusive martial arts, inclusive education and the inclusion of women and girls, we have inclusive coaches from a range of martial arts and both elite and community based.

  1. Adapted and Universal Design – 15th July
  2. The Athlete’s Perspective – 20th July
  3. Inclusion and Tradition – 22nd July
  4. Q & A 1 – 27th July
  5. The Coaches Perspectives – 29th July
  6. Tips for Inclusive Martial Arts – 3rd August
  7. The Rights Approach – 5th August
  8. Q & A 2 – 10th August
  9. Including Women & Girls – 17th August

Scan the QR codes from the PDF to register for forthcoming webinars or to watch the recordings of the earlier events in the series.

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