A new book in Adapted Physical Activity was published on Human Kinetics Editorial. “Adapted Physical Activity Across the Life Span” authored by Carol Ann Leitschuh and Marquell Johnson takes an interdisciplinary, life-span approach and provides content on DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion), social justice, and SEL (social-emotional learning) that other texts either skim over or skip entirely.

Adapted Physical Activity Across the lifespan features the following:

  • An interdisciplinary and life span approach to show students the broad scope of careers across education, clinical, and community settings
  • Interviews with professionals that provide students with real-life stories from educators, allied health care professionals, coaches, and others who work with people with disabilities
  • Information about adapted physical activity for early childhood, with a focus on professions that help a young child with a disability begin their journey of adapted physical education
  • Content on adapted physical education for children and young people to educate students in the full implementation of IDEA and general physical education for children with disabilities, including interdisciplinary assessments, IEPs, and program modifications
  • Content on adapted physical activity for adults to enable students to understand the roles of various professions that facilitate adapted physical activity for adults—from those who recently finished high school to senior citizens—using the Healthy People guidelines, research, best practices, and the most contemporary model of aging
  • Chapter objectives, chapter summaries, tables, and charts that emphasize key concepts
  • Instructor ancillaries to make it easier for instructors to prepare for and teach the course

The interdisciplinary approach provides instructors greater flexibility for courses that include students not only from adapted physical education and general physical education but also from allied health professions: occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech and language pathology, nursing, medicine, sport psychology, exercise physiology, therapeutic recreation, and more.

Adapted Physical Activity Across the Life Span