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PE Central, a website for K-12 physical education teachers, is excited to announce that enrollment for our online adapted graduate course entitled, “Physical Education for Children with Autism” is now open. Dr. Marty Block, Professor at University of Virginia, is the instructor of the course. The course comes with the option to purchase 3 graduate credits from Adams State University or you can choose to just take the course for the 45 professional development hours and to better yourself as a teacher.

This is the second summer we have offered this course. We first offered in the summer of 2017 to resounding success as demonstrated by these testimonials.

I was assigned a new Kindergarten Autism Class this fall for Adapted P.E. The information learned in this course gave me a better understanding of strategies I could immediately use to provide a safe and effective learning environment for my students. Dr. Block was so kind, responded to questions quickly and readily provided his expertise during class discussions. His feedback on assignments was awesome…very detailed and truly coming from an expert in the field of Adapted P.E. What I loved most was his down-to-earth approach with us as learners. Truly a beneficial class!

 The class was amazing.  It was a great review and I learned so many new strategies for working with students with autism.  We have the opportunity to connect with so many other teachers and learn what works for them.  This was a much-needed course. 

 The course will start on June 11 and end on August 31, 2018. Registration for the course is available now and will end on June 10.

Who Should Take:

Physical Education and Adapted PE specialists who want to learn about the challenges and best practices when teaching children with autism. It is beneficial if you have worked with children with autism in a PE/physical activity setting. Dr. Block will ask you to complete your assignments with these children in mind.

Course description:

This online class is designed for practicing physical education teachers and adapted physical education specialists who want to learn more about the specific challenges and best practices when teaching children with autism. Students will receive an email Sunday evening each week with a reminder of the topic of the week, readings, assignments related to the topic including discussion questions and due dates, and any previous assignment that are due this week. Students can progress through the readings and assignment at their own pace during the week. Seven major assignments including creating a plan and assessing children with autism, creating a visual support, learning about the STEP Model, discussion board posts, writing a behavior plan and finishing with a 30-question multiple-choice final exam. Grades: A-F

For a full description of the course view this PDF description sheet:

PE for Children Autism Course

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Physical Education for Children with Autism