The Chilean Society of Adapted Physical Activity are glad to tell to IFAPA members about our history, developed process, goals and activities in Chile.

We are a group of professionals from different areas of human activity (doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, physical education teachers, coaches, sports, instructors, among others) who work and connect in our daily lives with adapted physical activity, inclusive recreation and Paralympic sports.

Our Mission is: “To be the national organization with scientific-academic emphasis that supports the professionals dedicated to the area of Adapted Physical Activity (AFA) in Chile.” To align and guide the professionals who work in the AFA, promoting the development in the areas of rehabilitation, recreation, education, sports science, health and well-being in the population with disabilities. ”

Our Vision is: “To be recognized nationally and internationally as the organization that determines guidelines regarding the AFA in Chile, disseminates and promotes the discipline with fundamentals based on scientific evidence.”

We are currently legalizing our legal personality and during the year 2017 we carried out several training activities and courses of adapted physical activity.


First meeting of the creation of the Chilean Society of Adapted Physical Activity

This organization is presided over by the President Fernando Muñoz, Vice-president Felipe Herrera, Secretary Francisco Olmos, Treasurer Javier Campos and Director Matías Henríquez.

The main work guidelines for our organization are: Adapted Physical Activity in Health and Rehabilitation, Adapted Physical Education, Adapted Sports and tournaments, Inclusive Recreation and Community Sport.

The development areas in the society are: Teaching and Training in Adapted Physical Activity, Research, Projects and Resources, Management and Administration, Communication and Social Media.

The principal activities developed in the 2017 was the generation of the Society, a Seminary of AFA in San Sebastian University and in the Viña del Mar University, the first seminary of adapted taekwondo in Chile and the participation of our members in international seminaries of AFA in Peru and in Brasil.

Our main challenges for this year 2018 are the incorporation of the society to the IFAPA and the generation of networks with the organizations of the region. The development of work with the Paralympic committee, universities, rehabilitation centers and the sport ministry. Develop a national seminary in AFA and participate in international events of AFA. Develop the research in the field in our country.